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The professionals behind the Spousal Support Database

The concept was developed and the searches are completed by John T. Syrtash, or a member of the Spousal Support Database Corporation staff under Mr. Syrtash's guidance. Mr. Syrtash has practiced Family Law in Ontario in excess of sixteen years. He is author of "Religion and Culture in Canadian Family Law", published by Butterworths Canada, which was recently cited with approval by the Supreme Court of Canada. In addition, he is a columnist for Q.L. Systems Limited, for which he writes a weekly electronic summary of Family Law cases called the Syrtash Family Law Newsletter (db sfln). His summaries electronically interlink instantly to any case the reader wishes to read in text form. Mr. Syrtash is also a Family Law columnist for the Canadian Jewish News and the Jewish Tribune in Toronto.

He is counsel to the law firm of Garfin Zeidenberg LLP in Toronto. John Syrtash was also instrumental in developing and lobbying for amendments to both Ontario's Family Law Act and Canada's Divorce Act in 1986 and 1991 that assist spouses to obtain a religious divorce. In 1985, he was a member of the Family Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association (Ontario) that was asked to review a draft of the new Family Law Act in 1985/86 by the Ontario Government. A noted lecturer across Canada on Family Law issues, Mr. Syrtash developed this database with Mr. Martin Adler, a Toronto computer specialist, as an attempt to help facilitate research and rationalize the decisions in spousal support across Canada.

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What does the Revised Spousal Support Database contain?

This database incorporates almost all available reported and unreported cases from all provinces of Canada dealing with spousal support since the watershed decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Moge v. Moge of December 17, 1992. The database is updated on a weekly basis. These decisions are obtained from Q.L. System's on-line legal research facility, Quicklaw, and from the Reports of Family Law (RFL) reporting series published by Carswell Thomson Professional Publishing, a division of Thomson Canada Limited.

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