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A Spousal Support Database Corporation search is not a legal opinion and should not be relied upon as such. It is critical that a thorough review of the individual cases be undertaken before these cases are relied upon.

Neither the Spousal Support Database Corporation nor John Syrtash nor Martin Adler can guarantee that the search results are completely accurate. In particular, the same parties cannot warrant that all of the factors that may be important or conclusive in a judge's consideration were adequately summarized in every case, although our researchers attempt to do so. In many cases, the court does not recite many factors, including some major indices, such as a recipient's income, age, or even payer's income when determining quantum.

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What does the Revised Spousal Support Database contain?

This database incorporates almost all available reported and unreported cases from all provinces of Canada dealing with spousal support since the watershed decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Moge v. Moge of December 17, 1992. The database is updated on a weekly basis. These decisions are obtained from Q.L. System's on-line legal research facility, Quicklaw, and from the Reports of Family Law (RFL) reporting series published by Carswell Thomson Professional Publishing, a division of Thomson Canada Limited.

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