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What have the courts and the profession said about the Spousal Support Database?

In December of 1997 Mr. Justice Victor Paisley of the Ontario Court (General Division) (Toronto) commended the Database and its creator, counsel John Syrtash in the decision of Tewel v. Tewel1 when determining a spousal support award. He wrote (p.4):
"Mr. Syrtash has filed before me a most helpful outline and analysis of spousal support decisions to establish the range of payments that have been ordered in analogous cases. His analysis includes a color-coded chart, a summary contained on a single page, and is backed up by an analysis of the various factors that are characteristic of the essentials of the cases, which make up the range that he has cited, and I accept his submission based on that analysis that the range of spousal support payable in roughly comparable cases is between $1000 and $2000 per month. The claim for $2000 per month spousal support is amply justified in this case."
The Database has also been endorsed by an Advisory Committee of well-known Toronto area Family Law Lawyers: Harold Niman, Rodica David, Lorne Wolfson, Ronald Zaldin, Ruth Mesber, Judith Nicoll, Itzik Basman, Paul McInnis and others. Other noted family law lawyers, such as Mr. Phil Epstein and Professor/Lawyer James McLeod of the University of Western Ontario, have also commented very favorably about the Database and have recommended its use.
"I was impressed with the personal service provided and the quick understanding of the issues which required legal search.

I was impressed with your diligence and quick response time. The Case Law and Factums provided have been of great assistance to me in a number of complex Trials involving child custody/access/mobility issues.

I would certainly recommend your expertise to other Family Law practitioners.

I found your services to be reasonable in cost and certainly cost effective for my clients as I was freed from lengthy legal research to prepare other aspects of the cases for Trial."
Allan Papernick, Q.C.
Barrister and Solicitor
Toronto, Ontario
"The Spousal Support Database contributes to our ability to obtain appropriate remedies for our clients in a timely and cost effective manner. Often a client's spousal support claim is combined with a claim for child support. We are able to reduce the cost of research to a fraction of the cost required to do the same research manually.

Research results are usually delivered overnight whether the case is straightforward or complex, By using the Spousal Support Database, we can usually make a well-reasoned demand, supported by a concise summary of the case law, within 72 hours of our initial meeting with our client. We have found it particularly effective to illustrate the reasonableness of our client's position by enclosing copies of the bar graphs with our demand.

In summary, by using the Spousal Support Database service we are able to assess our client's position, advance that position and obtain reasonable results quickly, all at an extremely reasonable cost."
Nicholas Davies
Whistler Law Offices
Whistler, British Columbia
"Family Law lawyers who wish to maintain their practices have to add value to their services. Clients want immediate answers to their questions, one of which is how much support will I pay/receive? The Spousal Support Database will show a client what the range of support he or she can expect to pay/receive quickly. As someone specializing in this area of law, I find the fast return and presentation of like cases very helpful. For the generalist, it is a must use tool."
Douglas Thomas
Barrister and Solicitor
Welland, Ontario
"I have become a frequent user of the Spousal Support Database as it greatly helps to resolve and argue the difficult issue of spousal support in my family law cases. I am most impressed with the quick and efficient service….…the turnaround rate is phenomenal."
Lawrence S. Pascoe
Mirsky Pascoe
Ottawa, Ontario

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What does the Revised Spousal Support Database contain?

This database incorporates almost all available reported and unreported cases from all provinces of Canada dealing with spousal support since the watershed decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Moge v. Moge of December 17, 1992. The database is updated on a weekly basis. These decisions are obtained from Q.L. System's on-line legal research facility, Quicklaw, and from the Reports of Family Law (RFL) reporting series published by Carswell Thomson Professional Publishing, a division of Thomson Canada Limited.

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